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Las coreanas no dejan de regalarnos sus mejores trucos para el cuidado de la piel cada año. Y ahora que acabamos de estrenar el 2022, seguimos teniendo la K-Beauty y países como Corea como referencia para lucir una piel radiante. Desde sus mascarillas, a sus limpiadores faciales, sus tratamientos siguen siendo un apuesta segura para cuidar nuestra piel de la cara a diario. La rutina de belleza coreana además es exhaustiva, consta de 7 a 10 pasos que llevan a cabo a diario como semanalmente y que cubre de forma completa todas las necesidades de la piel.Telva Siete gestos de las coreanas para tener una piel lisa y saludable Telva Siete gestos de las coreanas para tener una piel lisa y saludable

As for its products, in the complete Korean beauty routine, the cleaner, the tonic, the mask (once to twice a week), an essence, a blister or a serum (depending onof skin needs), eye contour, moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup.And in relation to the ingredients, "the key to Korean cosmetics is the use of natural ingredients with soft and non -aggressive formulations for the skin," says Pablo Lago, of Kotra, the commercial office of the Korean Embassy in Spain in Spain.

In addition, from the Glass Skin or Crystal Skin, the Cloud Skin or cloud skin are just some of the trends left by the Koreans last year.And if they already pointed ways when we got a light skin last year, facing this 2022, the Koreans will point even higher so that our skin looks even more luminous and radiant.These are the Korean skin care trends that we will see this year and that you can point now.

1. skin care with retinol

We knew of the vital role of retinol for the skin of the dermatologists but it is that this derived from vitamin A will be one of the essential assets in the care of the skin of the Koreans and also in our ritual of treatment of the skin of the skin of the skin of the skin offace.And it will not be missing from more serums with retinol, facial oils, tissue masks and other cosmetics with this ingredient.

Retinol combats skin aging and improves expression lines and wrinkles, spots, marks.As Rocío Escalante, pharmaceutical owner of Arbosana Farmacia, is recommended, "the ideal is to introduce it progressively to see how our skin responds and use it two to three times a week and then go to alternate days and combine it with sun protection during the day andgood hydration. "

2. Chumbo fig seed oil

Telva Siete gestos de las coreanas para tener una piel lisa y saludable

Among the ingredients whose properties praise the Koreans and that will succeed in their skin care routines isVitamin E that promote cell regeneration for healthier and more beautiful skin.

3. Cosmetics with chlorophyll

Purifying and antibacterial properties, chlorophyll will be another key asset in cosmetics with Korean stamp that work for healthier and impurities free skin.And it has been shown that chlorophyll contains vitamins A, C, E and K, all of which are important ingredients for skin care and when used on it, chlorophyll also has antimicrobial properties that help reduce scarsof acne and inflammation.

4. Fermented assets and ingredients

The fermented ones are also active that are very present in cosmetics and Korean treatments and even more so far this year because they contain probiotics and other substances that favor healthy skin.Fermented rice water is in fact one of the popular ingredients of the K-Beauty that puts a stronger skin and hair.We will also see treatments with Korean stamp and cosmetics with mild tea or soft skin for the skin and one of the most popular assets of the K-Beauty in 2022.

5. Less is more in skin care

Contrary to the famous Korean routine of 10 -step skin care, we are seeing a change in its face -to -face care rituals that will also extend until 2022. both in new multi -purpose products and creams to treat the skin of the skin of theface, as in their sustainable containers and soft ingredients and many of them vegans.

6. slugging

It is a very popular facial care trend in Korea.We talk about slugging, Korean beauty technique that consists of finishing your facial beauty routine applying petroleum jelly in the moisturizer.In this way, it does not apply directly and the cosmetics that have previously spread so that they have greater effectiveness while sleeping.In addition, water loss is avoided and skin humidity is maintained.However, this trend is more recommended for dry skins.

7. Custom 3D masks for each skin

Another of the Korean trends that come for the care of the skin and its beauty products, is that thanks to the use of new technologies, the customization of cosmetics is also being carried out.There are 3D printers capable of manufacturing hydrogel facial masks configured from a diagnosis and analysis of the characteristics of our face made through a mobile application.

K-beeauty products you should try

Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser Facial Cleaner of Belif

Sale in Sephora (25.99 euros)

To clean your skin gently and leave it bright, do not stop trying this gel cleaner of the Korean firm Belif that transforms into foam on contact with water.Eliminate impurities and makeup without resecting your skin.

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Sérum Firming of Usmetics

Sale at Amazon for 22.79 euros.

This serum with Korean seal of Usmetics is an anti -global anti -aging treatment with retinol, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen that revitalizes the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and repairs the epidermis providing density to the skin.In addition, its texture is very light and absorbed quickly.

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Sérum Intensive Hydrating Serum de Innisfree

Sale in Sephora (27.99 euros)

Innisfree Sérum Intensive Hydrating Serum is a bestseller among Koreans and it is said that eight units are sold every minute in the world.With moisturizing and antioxidant assets, it contains green tea seed oil and green tea extract, which is obtained through its own steam extraction, pressed and purification technology that keeps the properties of this asset intact.

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Anti -aging essence essence of Huxley

Sale at (39.95 euros)

Huxley's anti -aging essence contains a combination of essential oils of Chumbo and Açai Extract that hydrate and nourish your skin in depth.And it works great on stressed skins that need to recover hydration and vitality.In addition, it contains antioxidants, vitamin E and linoleic acid that provide the skin with a powerful nutrition and repair.He is vegan and suitable for all types of skins.

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Telva seven Korean gestures to have smooth and healthy skin
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