Telva 10 beauty tricks of Italian girls that you will want to know

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Beyond its art and gastronomy, we are fascinated by Italian beauty. And although French women are the stars of many of our skin or hair care articles, it's about time we put on the table the commandments and beauty secrets that Italian girls follow and that you can also put into practice. We tell you one by one.

As true fans that we are from Italy, it is time for us to scrutinize one by one each and every one of their Italian beauty tricks that they always follow and that you should also know. From her skin care rituals, to her makeup commandments and her hair instructions when it comes to always wearing it impeccably.

Olive oil, its basic beauty

There are ingredients that have everything to give incredible Italian skin and that contain endless beauty active ingredients such as anti-aging vitamin E and moisturizing squalene and it is none other than olive oil, present in many of its creams. Sophia Loren already used olive oil to moisturize and nourish her skin. But it is also that Italian women use it on the ends of their hair even after a hot bath to enhance the shine of their hair, among other uses.

The diet of Italian women

Italian women do not restrict foods in their diet and even less carbohydrates. The stylist Benedetta Perazzo assures us that Italian women eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and food of quality and proximity, and "we do not escape the intake of legumes and whole grains with a wide variety of grains, spelled, buckwheat, quinoa, millet because They eat carbohydrates every day and perhaps not as much fish protein as in Spain, and the main dish is often whole carbohydrates with vegetables, fish, meat or cheese such as mozzarella".

What they do take to the letter is to calculate that they are smaller proportions. So by not following a restrictive diet, there is no need to feel guilty about it. And in that sense, his food approach benefits the physical and mental health of Italian women.

Fight stress, your priority

Stress is the true enemy of beauty for Italian women and they know that it makes any woman look older and more tired. Therefore, relaxing at any cost is essential and a priority for them. From a spa getaway to a glass of wine at night, they become some of its best kept secrets.

strategic makeup

Italian women love to use makeup in their beauty looks compared to French women but always strategically. If they opt for a minimalist face makeup, they opt for a red or blue nail polish or highlight their lips with a fuchsia or a spectacular red. But the key to color is moderation because Italian women like their skin to breathe like French women do. Giulia Maenza, Dolce & Gabbana's make-up muse this fall-winter 2021-2022 season, assures that she does not spend a lot of time putting on make-up on a daily basis and always opts for very natural looks for the day using a concealer, a pencil to define her eyebrows, cream moisturizing and a touch of color on your lips.

Telva 10 trucos de belleza de las chicas italianas que vas a querer saber

In addition, she acknowledges that the best makeup tip she has learned is to always use it to enhance our facial strengths. "The women in my family have taught me to learn to appreciate your own individual beauty and personality because by doing so, people see your true beauty," she says.

Eyes, lips and eyebrows, key points of her makeup

The experts from the makeup firm Kiko Milano also reveal some secrets of Italian girls when it comes to taking advantage of their makeup. And it is that with their dark hair and brown skin they inspire trends "with makeup, Italian women seek to highlight their favorable features, where the eyes, lips and eyebrows take the greatest importance. They bet on eyeliner to achieve that effect cat eye and a lot of mascara to achieve a marked and seductive look. There is also no shortage of bronzing powders with a good face effect, lips with volume and manicures in striking tones as well as abundant and well-groomed eyebrows, "they assure.

Smooth skin, another of his obsessions

Italian women value soft, touchable skin and devote most of their beauty routine to hydration. This means that they surrender to the densest and richest moisturizing creams and to massage rituals of the skin from head to toe with body creams that nourish and at the same time relax body and spirit.

They don't go out without sunscreen

Italian women embrace the sun and a good face above all else, but they know that photoaging translates into wrinkles that affect them in any way. Therefore, they protect their skin as much as possible with a sunscreen that they love for its texture, its effectiveness and its sensoriality.

Above the trends, the Italian girls focus on the cosmetics of a lifetime that have worked over the years. A good moisturizer, perfume or lipstick can be key to a round beauty look. And also leave your natural eyebrows without plucking excessively because in the end, less is always more.

An ounce of chocolate a day

The Italians do not give up the power of a few ounces of chocolate every day. But better bitter that increases the level of endorphins and serotonin in the brain at the same time as endorphins.

Coffee, the best body scrub

Actress Halle Berry has been using it for years, but Italian women have long used it as one of their most powerful beauty ingredients. We are talking about ground coffee that, in addition to being the best body scrub for Italian women, is mixed with coconut oil because it has a firming effect on legs, thighs, and buttocks.

The Italian Bob Haircut

If there is a haircut that is always going strong and one of the most fashionable haircuts, it is undoubtedly the Italian bob. Because it's long enough to pull into a ponytail but short enough to highlight features. It provides texture and body to the hair that is combed polished with soft waves. It skims the neckline and its subtle, minimal layers add weight to even fine hair to make it feel thicker, fuller and more spectacular.

Italian cosmetics you must try

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