'Soft Girl', the makeup trend for romantic girls

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By:: Edith Morales,Published 5 Oct 2020 – 04:05 PM EDT | Updated 5 Oct 2020 – 04:05 PM EDTReactShare

The world of makeup is always in constant change and every year it shows us the trends in shades, techniques and products that will take over our face.

On this occasion, this new fashion called Soft Girl Make up has arrived, a new technique that will make your face look feminine and soft. You'll love it!

This trend consists of applying each of your products to perform conventional makeup (corrector, base, contour, shadows, blush and lipstick), only you must use them gently and blend them very well.

The most commonly used shades are bright pinks, peaches that will give your skin a radiant glow, and a dewy texture. Then you can recreate this make up that is also the favorite of the famous.

1. Carry out your skincare routine

Whenever you decide to apply makeup to your face, however light it may be, you need to have a skincare routine so that your skin is healthy and hydrated at all times.

Start by using a facial cleanser, either oil-based or micellar water, to rid your skin of any impurities. Then apply your favorite moisturizer.

2. Explode the shine on your skin

After performing your skincare routine, apply your foundation. To give your face a radiant glow, add a few drops of illuminator to your mixture and with your beauty blender or brush and begin to blur, then use a little blush.

To highlight the upper parts of your face (such as the cupid's bow, nose, tear duct or eyebrow) with your little finger apply a touch of highlighter as shown below.

4. Beautiful eyebrows

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One of the points that you must take care of the most so that it is perfect are the eyebrows. They are super important to give that touch of freshness and cleanliness to your makeup.

In this case, opt for a natural style and only fill in with eyebrow pomade, pencil or eyeshadow in the color of your hair in the spaces that you need. Brush and apply a transparent gel.

5. Eyes full of color

In this past you will have to apply the eye shadow, you can choose between a bright pink or peach. Start by applying it all over the eye socket, avoid extending it towards the eyebrows.

If you prefer, with a flat brush take a little of the shadow and use it on the part of the lower lashes.

6. Enlarge your eyes

To make your eyes appear larger and radiate more light, use a nude eye pencil and apply it all over the lower waterline of your eyes.

7. Add depth to your look

If you prefer, after curling your lashes and using mascara, add individual false lashes to the bottom of your eyes. According to Carl Ray, Michelle Obama's makeup artist, this will help give your eyes a cat-like look.

8. Glitter on your lips

Being a practical and natural-looking makeup, it is recommended to use a transparent lip gloss or one that has nude tones so that your look looks completely soft and delicate.

If you are not a fan of gloss lipsticks, you can use a colored balm.

And ready! With these wonderful steps you will achieve a completely beautiful #SoftGirlMakeup that will make your skin and face look fresh and youthful. Don't hesitate to do it.


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'Soft Girl', the makeup trend for romantic girls
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