Scientists suggest that universal use of masks could generate immunity to Covid-19.

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A team of researchers has put on the table that a universal use of facial masks could lead to the ability to generate immunity against SARS-CoV-2, known as the new coronavirus.

In an article published in the scientific journal 'New England Journal of Medicine', these elements could help people be immune to COVID-19, making the virus less likely to become pathological.

In this way, specialists understand that the universal use of facial masks would result, among other things, in reducing the severity of the coronavirus, since it would increase the number of asymptomatic infections among the population.

As the authors state, if the use of masks reduces the severity of COVID-19, they are likely to favor the immunity of any population because, they continue, a reduced viral load may be sufficient to generate an immune response, something the vaccines get.

Científicos sugieren que el uso universal de mascarillas podría generar inmunidad a la Covid-19

"this idea is quite feasible and can be added to the protective physical effects of universal masking, by low-level stimulation of the user's immune system when exposed to low SARS-CoV-2 levels in the air, thus inducing an immune response but without any infection or manifest disease," said Dr. Monica Gandhi, a specialist in infectious diseases at the University of California in San Francisco, United States, and one of the authors of the article.

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Scientists suggest that universal use of masks could generate immunity to Covid-19.
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