Masks are scarce for institutions

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For government agencies, health institutions and for the general population the use of protection masks becomes a challenge before the scarcity generated by the crisis of the coronavirus.

In order to reduce the risks of contagion, state and local governments have decreed that every person in public spaces must use a mask.

This constraint to obtain covers has caused the protection team to be scarce, even for public services staff.

"The City of Socorro is focusing on the safety of all its current essential personnel, especially in the acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment (EPP)," said Víctor Reta, spokesman for the city of Socorro.

The urgency is to provide not only the personnel of the police and firefighters departments, but even to administrative staff with essential work for relief.

"We have recently received a great request from EPP and we are working to supply the future before this pandemic," said the official.

"While it can be a challenge, we are working with all the options available," said Reta on the shortage that has caused the great demand for masks, gloves and antibacterial gel.

Escasean mascarillas para las instituciones

At the San Vicente Center clinic, the staff does have a protection team, but with uncertainty about a possible shortage of the future.

"Fortunately some of our benefactors had enough products to be able to equip our staff," said Christina Paz, CEO of the San Vicente de El Paso Center.

"However, every day we spend it on the phone looking among our suppliers something of the protection team that we will need in the future," he added.

Among the civilian population to achieve facial protection masks has become almost impossible, given the general demand.

"I would like to have the opportunity to get a cover but I can't find anywhere," said Jennifer, an employee of a liquor experience in the city center.

The possibility of getting masks is limited even on the Internet, where to acquire a surgical type mask - at least 4 layers of filtration - is almost impossible.

"The good masks are no longer in Amazon," said Rebeca Cano, a low -low housewife.

"The little we have found is of lower quality and not so cheap," he said.

They prevent exports

In the midst of the increasing shortage of medical equipment to combat the pandemic, President Donald Trump announced last night that he asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, in English) that prevents the export of N95 covers manufactured by 3M.

The president said that exceptions could be made to help Italy and Spain, countries that have been very affected by COVID-19.

"We are not happy with 3M," he added to the press at the White House.

However, the company said yesterday that it was producing all possible masks for the United States.

He added that stopping exporting masks to Canada and Latin America, as the Government asked for, is something that entails "important humanitarian implications" and there could be reprisals from other countries against the United States.

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Masks are scarce for institutions
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