What happens when I drink alcohol? it is bad?; benefits and consequences

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Alcoholic beverages are part of the social life of people who associate it with happiness, friendship, memorable moments in life. But like everything there are two sides of the coin. We present the process of alcohol in the body, the benefits and its consequences.

Firstly, when we eat a food, it goes through 4 main processes that are absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination.

MILENIO talked with Dr. Daniel A. Núñez, public health specialist, who explained the process to us, “alcohol passes through the upper digestive tract, reaches the stomach, 20 percent is absorbed in the stomach and 80 percent in the small intestine, and this is very curious. because most of the food and drinks that we consume are 100 percent absorbed in the small intestine, once it is absorbed in the small intestine and from there it begins to be sent through the blood to all the organs of the body ”.

“ The circulatory system is like a river , it divides, channels are made and it reaches all the organs, especially the brain, liver and kidneys”. Once we ingest the alcohol, it begins to take effect between 15 and 20 minutes after being consumed.

Alcohol in our body takes 12 to 24 hours to metabolize and leave our body depending on the amount ingested and the person's ability to metabolize alcohol (Average amount).

We must consider more important factors such as the amount of alcohol ingested, sex and age , depending on these factors it may take more or less.

There are ways to detect alcohol, depending on the test is the detection of alcohol

For example: the blood test would take up to 6 hours to continue detecting; while the breathalyzer (breath test) up to 24 hours after finishing drinking; in saliva it can be detected after 24 hours , in urine from 12 to 72 hours but in hair tests it can be up to 90 days .

Do men "hold" more than women?

90% of alcohol is metabolized in our liver with the help of an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), which is why it is common to say that it affects the liver because it is metabolized there. These enzymes are more present in men than in women , which is why there is the belief that men can take more than women because they have more of this enzyme.

Only 10 percent of alcohol is eliminated directly , either through urine, sweat, or respiration . It can be exhaled up to 24 hours, in the urine up to 24 or 72 hours.

Why do I get drunk?

An average adult should be able to eliminate one drink of alcohol per hour in any beverage. For example, in the case of beer, you can drink a 12 oz can or a small 12 oz (355 ml) bottle , as for wine, a 5 oz glass, which is equal to half the glass, in in the case of liquors or distillates such as whiskey , tequila , vodka or rum , the recommended amount would be 1 ounce and a half . When these amounts of alcohol are passed, they become intoxicated or drunk.

Does alcohol affect health?

Everything in moderation is good, there are properties of alcohol depending on the drink. There are studies that indicate that a glass of wine a week produces antioxidant properties, in addition to producing a relaxation effect . It also helps lower the heart rate and lower blood pressure levels . Only if they are healthy adults who do not suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension.

The recommendations are that if you want to consume alcoholic beverages, a man should have no more than 1 or 2 drinks a week and a woman no more than one drink a week . If it is consumed in this way, it will not have any harmful effect on health, but in case of consuming more, it can affect organs such as the liver with diseases such as hepatitis , or cirrhosis .

In the brain it can cause disorientation , memory loss , motor or speech difficulties ; in the heart can cause heart disease, arrhythmias , or cardiac congestion a.

It generates some problem for all the organs , it all depends on the amount of alcohol during our life.

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 What happens when I drink alcohol?  it is bad?;  benefits and consequences
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