Ondo Beauty 36.5 is born, the new Spanish Korean cosmetic brand is born Ondo Beauty 36.5, the new Spanish Korean cosmetics brand

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Korean cosmetics has fallen in love with the Spanish.Many women turn to oriental wisdom to get hydrated complexions, without imperfections and without wrinkles that look like Koreans thanks to their products loaded with assets.

One of its star articles are the tissue masks, which allow the skin to correctly absorb the ingredients they carry, leaving a glowing complexion.

When a few years ago, Korean cosmetics was not so well known in Spain, Miin Cosmetics appeared on the scene, a company specialized in cosmetic brands and cosmetic products "Made in South Korea".It was created by Lilin Yang in 2014;She that year she moved to Barcelona and set out to allow the Europeans to discover her excellent properties her products and favorite Korean brands, those that she brought in her suitcase from her country.

Since then, Miin has become the reference store to find this type of products easily, quickly and safely;But in 2021 Lilin has taken a step further and created his own brand: Ondo Beauty 36.5, with a great philosophy behind.

Ondo Beauty 36.5 It is a brand conceived in Barcelona but produced in Seoul, with all the products designed and developed by its team of experts in our country and then produced in Korea."Lilin, our founder, wanted to capture the essence of these two cities very close to it, Seoul and Barcelona: the innovation of Korean cosmetics and the Spanish lifestyle to know how to enjoy each moment to the fullest," they comment from the firm from the firm.

Nace Ondo Beauty 36.5, la nueva marca de cosmética coreana española Nace Ondo Beauty 36.5, la nueva marca de cosmética coreana española

Inspiration after Ondo Beauty 36.5 lies in the harmony between the innovation of K-Beauty and the characteristic warmth of the new home of Lilin, Spain.Ingredients of natural origin, exceptional formulas and products that provide an incredible feeling of well -being.

"We think of our products more as 'moments' than as beauty routines.This helps us visualize the Mood in which we want our clients to enter when they enjoy them.We hope to inspire our community through those 'moments' and find their balance through simple gestures that nourish both their skin and their spirit in their day to day, ”explains Lilin Yang, founder and CEO of Miin Cosmetics.

Being a Spanish brand, the choice of its name surprises, but nevertheless the Miin Cosmetics team clarifies: "The name Ondo Beauty 36.5 It is a wink to our philosophy of balance as a secret for inner and outer well -being.'Ondo' is a Korean word that means temperature, and 36.5 is the optimum in which our body is in balance.At the same time, it represents our way of formulating products: a balance between the best natural ingredients combined with effective assets ".

What not many people know is that this brand is born from the need for the clients of Miin Cosmetics to find products that not only help them with their skin problems, but also made them feel good.

"Ondo Beauty products start from this base, so you can say that there is a bit of the entire MIIN community in each product.Hence the idea for Ondo Beauty 36.5: Products that provide a positive difference for the well -being of the skin and mind, formulated with the perfect combination of effective assets combined with some of the best natural ingredients in the world, "Giulia Morello, Brand Marketing Specialist of Miin tells us.

At the moment, Ondo Beauty 36.5 It has three different types of products: a serum for the complete care of the eye contour with niacinamide and green tea (€ 29.95), hydrogel patches for the eyes with caffeine and green tea (€ 35.95) andFour types of masks to treat the different problems that the skin can present: cleaner and exfoliating, anti -aging, calming and repairing and ultrahydrating, for all types of skins that need an intensive hydration chute (€ 3.95/unit).

As advanced from the brand, the next releases will not only include facial care: Lilin's plan is to expand Ondo Beauty 36.5 And turn it into a lifestyle that accompanies its customers throughout its day to day, so even more surprises are expected.

Ondo Beauty 36.5 is born, the new Spanish Korean cosmetic brand is born Ondo Beauty 36.5, the new Spanish Korean cosmetics brand
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