Omicrono canon installs cameras with facial recognition that only let workers smiling

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China's culture is very different from what we see every day in Spain.That causes cultural clashes as a result of seeing situations in that country that in ours would be the less strange.As for example, the idea of having to enter smiling for your work.

No, it is not a joke.Canon, the technological firm focused on photography, has devised a series of cameras with facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence whose purpose is to recognize whether a worker is smiling.If it does not, the subject will not be able to go through the door where the camera is installed.

A rather dystopian initiative that is also carrying out in its China offices in its subsidiary Canon Information Technologies.This idea reminds Amazon's controversial decision to create meditation cubicles in their stores, thus seeking to reduce the stress of its workers.

The detection of 'smiles'

Canon has installed in the offices of its subsidiary in China Canon Information Technology these cameras that only allow the workers who smile.Thus, it is guaranteed that at least employees will be 'happy' when performing their most basic tasks.

Thus, workers who want to access their job will need to smile at these cameras.The device recognizes by artificial intelligence the worker's smile, and opens the door lock in which he is installed.If they don't smile, the camera will prevent them from passing.

Omicrono Canon instala cámaras con reconocimiento facial que solo dejan entrar a trabajadores sonriendo

Omicron Facialthales Recognition

Canon has already announced the creation of these cameras last year, as part of a set of specific tools for workplace management.It has not been until now that they have jumped to the 'fame' due to a report by the Financial Times talking about them, recounting the degree of surveillance that companies use against their workers.

This restless measure for obvious reasons;More than try.Again, made from artificial intelligence and according to the culture of work extended by China.

The use of AI

Surveillance in Chinamanuel Fernández Omicrono

And it is that both in China and the West the use of AI to perform this type of follow -up is much more common than it seems.China has certainly won a very bad reputation in this regard, with reports from companies that control how long a worker uses a specific software, the use of cameras to measure lunch times, and so on.

Although reading this always comes to China, in the West we also sin of this type of activities.Amazon has been denounced several times, precisely for using AI in favor of the surveillance of its workers.For example, it has been accused of classifying the productivity of its employees through AI algorithms to say goodbye to those who yield less.

The most striking of the smile detecting cameras is that they have gone unnoticed until now.Synonym for how standardized these controversy measures are in China.The question is whether these tools will end up establishing themselves in Western companies more standardized.

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Omicrono canon installs cameras with facial recognition that only let workers smiling
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