Errors when makeup your lips

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It is one of the parts of the face that can become the center of attention when makeup.Even so, apply lipstick is not the only step to follow, so it is necessary to identify what mistakes you make when making your lips.

To make them highlight correctly, one of the main aspects to consider is the shape of the lip.In addition, he considers hydration, because this factor can make makeup not adhere properly.

However, choosing the chord tones for each age is another necessary steps to make up your lips well.The oral perimeter is the area where the first wrinkles appear.

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Without a doubt, the lips are one of the areas that, when makeup, can transform and potentiate a look.Your care should not go unnoticed.

One of the most typical errors is to let them resect.A skincare routine is not complete without a lip exfoliation, which is essential to eliminate dead skin from this area of the face.Then, it is recommended to hydrate them with a product that moistens and prevents them from drying out.

Apply matt lipstick.Although the matt finish is perfect for day to day, it can lead to marking more folds on the lip.That is, promote the barcode (wrinkles on the lips).This effect also does the gloss and lipstick with vinyl finish.

Errores al maquillarte los labios

Another big mistake is not respecting the natural form of your lips.It doesn't matter if the way in which your lips end is in heart or the upper is larger than the lower.Trying to change the appearance of lips with makeup can give an opposite effect to the expected.

You should stop using lipstick.Lipstick fulfills an important function when makeup.First, what it does is fill and fix the pigments on the lip.In addition, it does not allow the color of the lip.

The base, also known as the first lipstick, works as a key product for the lipstick to adhere for longer, as well as to avoid the dreaded cracks.It should also be noted that this product makes the lipstick better and without imperfections.

Bringing the wrong tone is another typical mistake.Although red lips may seem very beautiful, it is not a color that applies to all people.The shape of the face and the tone of the skin are fundamental when choosing.For example, cold tones are better in light complexion, while if the complexion is medium or dark, intense roses, oranges and reds.

Start using brush.This tool is not only for professional use, since the brush allows you to fill the lips with more precision, without spending more product than the necessary.Its function is to give a uniform result.

Take care not to apply more than what is needed.Carrying more lipstick or gloss than necessary can only generate that the product runs and stained other parts of the face.The gloss, meanwhile, tends to be polished and sticky, which is why only a small drop is needed.

Stop retouching.Although there are long -lasting lipsticks, after drinking some liquid or dinner it will always be necessary to retouch.This prevents the product from run and its appearance looks disagreeable.

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Errors when makeup your lips
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