The masks will be mandatory again from this Friday

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The masks abroad return from December 24.The Government has reimplanted its mandatory, with exceptions, as several regional presidents requested and has planned the acceleration of vaccination and the reinforcement of health care to try to reduce the impact of the sixth wave of Covid.

Thus, the use of masks, approved today through Roy...) provided that the 1.5 meter distance can be maintained with non -cohabiting.That is, in urban cities or cities we will have to take it.It will be applicable from tomorrow, when published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

"Se trata de una medida temporal", ha indicado la ministra de Sanidad, Carolina Darias, en una rueda de prensa en la que ha señalado que el real decreto ley habilita al Gobierno para que pueda establecer la intensificación o no del uso de las mascarillas para que, en este caso, "sea cuanto antes". "El régimen sancionado queda tal cual", ha indicado la ministra por lo que saltarse la orden podría comportar multas de 100 euros.

The measure was confirmed at the Presidents Conference held yesterday, where Sanchez also agreed to hire retired and pre -retired doctors, an instrument that shows the lousy state of the National Health System in terms of number of professionals and to which it was used in spring of2020, at the worst of pandemic.

In addition, a guideline will be approved to facilitate the detection of infections in a scenario where health centers are saturated. Ante la escasez de test de antígenos en farmacias, el Gobierno habilitará que los test rápidos que se fabrican para uso profesional también puedan ser adquiridos en estos establecimientos.

Las mascarillas volverán a ser obligatorias en exteriores desde este viernes

Before yesterday's meeting between Sánchez and the regional presidents, the measure was advanced by the Minister of Health in the Congress of Deputies.Before Carolina Darias's words.

The governing body of the pharmacists thanked the decision."We positively value the announced measure and hope that it can be effective as soon as possible since the situation of self -diagnosis test is greatly affecting citizens, as we are seeing from the first line of sanitary action in which pharmacies are.The greatest urgency at this time is that there is supply, "sources from the General Pharmaceutical Council explained.

The daily numbers of infected cases and the more than plausible suspicion that many infected are not in official figures returns to an already lived situation a year ago. La única salvedad es que ahora hay vacunas, por lo que las cifras de hospitalizados, no son comparables con las de hace un año.

A new vaccination calendar

The Government wants to enhance vaccination to deal with this sixth wave of the COVID-19 virus, because its effectiveness is being demonstrated against the omicron variant.Spain currently has 8 million vaccines in stock and 90 million by 2022, Darias has confirmed.

The government plan includes vaccinating 80% of those over 60 in a week and a half, 80% of those over 50 before January 24 and 80% of those over 40 years before March 24. Cabe recordar que de acuerdo a la nueva regulación europea, el pasaporte covid caducará a los 9 meses de recibir el segundo pinchazo para los que no se pongan la tercera dosis de refuerzo.

En cuanto a la vacunación pediátrica, la ministra de Sanidad ha recordado que se ha fijado el 70% de los niños entre 5 y 11 años, con la primera dosis pediátrica en la semana del 7 de febrero y el 70% con la segunda dosis pediátrica en la semana del 18 de abril.

Catalonia and Murcia get more severe

The new measures approved by the Government coincide over time with the most severe restrictions imposed in some CCAA.Cataluña stand out, where on Thursday the Superior Court of Justici (TSJC) has endorsed the Government's request to reestablish from Friday morning and for 15 days the curfew, reduce to 70% the aforos and limit meetings to a maximum of a maximum of a maximum of10 people.

In Murcia, for their part, they have announced the closure of the non -essential activity between 01:00 and 06:00 hours and the limitation of meetings to a maximum of 10 people indoors and 12 outdoors.


The masks will be mandatory again from this Friday
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