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Makeup is not only part of the beauty of women as a decorative art, it is capable of accentuating features and giving a beautiful appearance to the face, it allows to lift the person's ego making them feel dazzling, greatly improving their self-esteem. Today there are many professional products designed to hide folds, wrinkles, spots, dark circles, etc. Others that help enhance sun tanning, as well as emulsions that help make-up last a little longer. As a stylistic element you have to be careful, because it is applied to the skin. Hypoallergenic products should be used, which allow to care for and improve the skin, especially in people who are allergic.

The colors of fashion change every season of the year, the important thing is that each person knows himself and can identify what suits him and adjust it to each moment of his life.

Do you know how to do makeup? Here I give you some tips on how to put on makeup depending on the occasion and your facial oval.

Putting on makeup does not mean applying paint to your face in a messy way, the true meaning of cosmetics is to transform yourself without losing your naturalness and highlight your most beautiful features.

To create your own makeup you must take into account the following:

1.- Feel identified with one of the forms of faces that exist.

2.- Create color harmonies between hair, clothes and eyes.

3.- The makeup occasion (work, party, day, night, bridal, etc…).

4.- Age.

The first thing you should do is identify what your face type is. Look at the photos and select which one looks more like you. Don't worry if you don't see yourself completely reflected in these drawings, many times we can have a mixture of two or more types of faces, but you always choose the one that most resembles you.

From the type of face you have, the dimensions of the width and length of the face can be summarized in short or long. The oval face is considered the most perfect because it has a balanced harmony of width and length. Using shadows and horizontal strokes to lengthen, and vertical strokes to widen, the features are softened.

Oval face.

Maquillarte con arte (+Audio) - Cuba en Noticias

Oval face: it is in principle the ideal face, with a harmonious balance between height and width. This face does not need any correction, all you have to do is preserve and enhance its natural balance.

Triangular face: after the oval face, it is the one that needs fewer corrections, it has sufficient harmony between length and width, and it is also very feminine: long forehead, high cheekbones and narrow chin. This type of face favors highlighting the eyes and, above all, the thick and raised eyebrows.

Hexagonal face: it is a difficult face, too angular, in which the makeup must attenuate its irregularities.

Round face: the height is equal to the width, this face should be optically lengthened with makeup, raising everything upwards but, if personality and age allow it, its natural shape can be maintained as it gives a youthful and cheerful appearance.

Square face: The jaw area is the most important due to its square appearance, so your makeup should tend to hide it.

Rectangular face: it has an imbalance between width and length. The makeup should shorten it by horizontal lines. It can be left unrectified, but never pronounce the elongated effect


The first step before applying makeup is to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. It is essential, since clean and moisturized skin will make the makeup last and adapt perfectly to each face.


An unplucked or poorly plucked eyebrow can totally change a look and a face, it is important to take into account the type of face and facial features when plucking them.



There are different types of foundation: cream, liquid, compact and stick.

The function of the base is to match the color of the skin and cover spots or pimples. Probably no element of makeup is more important than the foundation. When applied correctly it provides color harmony, evens out skin color, hides imperfections and protects against dirt, wind, sun and other weather conditions. Generally, skin tones are classified as: very fair or white, ivory, cream, pink, rosy, sallow, olive, tan, brown and black. Selecting the correct color is extremely important to achieve success in the entire makeup process.

To apply it is very simple, dip a brush or cotton swab into the base and distribute evenly across the face. Then we blend well with a sponge, keeping in mind to reach the neck so it doesn't look like we have a mask. In the event that the leather has many imperfections, we remove the excess with a speck by tapping and apply another layer above.


Liquid and cream foundations are the most widely used and give the skin a slight glow. The base stick, water or compact products, provides a dull matte finish.


Concealer is the second step in makeup after foundation. It serves to conceal and illuminate any part of the face. We can cover spots, pimples, dark circles and any imperfection we have. The color has to be one shade lighter than the base.

You must distribute with a brush the areas you want to hide. To get it to penetrate well, you have to blend it with your fingertips, gently tapping. If you have very dark circles, remove the excess with a sponge or swab and apply a second layer.


Face powders improve the overall appearance of skin by hiding minor blemishes and discolorations. They also harmonize color, luster and excessive shine.

There are two types of powders: loose (or volatile) and compact. The choice of one or the other is a matter of personal taste.

The loose ones are ideal for use around the house, but less practical to carry in the purse because they spill easily, the compact ones are the ideal ones to carry in the purse and for touch-ups when you are out and about.


The goal of cheek coloring, also called blusher, is to provide a soft, natural color to the face.

Helps create more attractive facial contours. Each face is different and, depending on its structure, we will know which are the areas that we need to highlight or hide.

The color of the cheeks should be the same as the color of the lips. But when a strong lip color is used, then a lighter color is applied to the cheeks to give a more natural appearance. The color of the cheeks should be less vivid in sunlight than in artificial light. Bright colors highlight this area of ​​the face and make-up looks artificial.


The black color is the great protagonist in eye makeup, it does not go out of style, it is used at all times. One of the forms that has caused a lot of impact in the adornment of eyes is the smoky one. This creates a mysterious image, giving depth to the look, making them protagonists of makeup.


The lips, like the eyes, are the two most important things in facial makeup, a poorly made-up mouth would completely ruin the beauty of your face, so you have to be very careful when painting it. Here I propose some tips that will help you achieve striking lips:

First you outline the entire contour with pencil and blend it inwards. Then you fill the mouth with a lipstick (in a shade similar to the eyeliner), press the lips on a piece of paper to remove the excess and fill again. Lastly, glitter can be applied.

To make them look finer, the edges are covered with base and a millimeter is outlined inside the lip.

To make them look thicker, use a natural colored pencil and follow the shape of the lip a millimeter higher.

Make up with art (+Audio) - Cuba in News
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