Jennifer Lopez also uses Kylie Jenner's great beauty trick.

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Jennifer Lopez triumphed in the carpet of the Film Awards and in the subsequent party with two designs inspired by Spanish culture. In addition to reaffirming his passion for the tight styles that highlight his toned figure, he once again demonstrated that makeup in dirt tones is the one that favors him the most. Its beauty look is characterized by a tan and luminous skin that gets mainly thanks to the combination of contouring technique with an illuminating in golden tone. Another fundamental step is the eyes, which accentuates with brown shadows, a softer and rejuvenating option than the black smoked. To complete that skin and look, he often uses the same trick: a strategic use of the lipstick profiler applied in the way Kylie Jenner explained in his Instagram stories.

For any star, pre-Oscar preparation means having a team of the best makeup and hairdresser professionals to ensure a perfect look. The singer wanted to share those exciting moments with her followers and uploaded a video on her social media showing the step by step of her makeup. In addition to going out at first with his face washed (and this is not the first time he has done so), J. made it clear how different it is to profile the contour of the lips with a nude pencil.

Jennifer Lopez también utiliza el gran truco de belleza de Kylie Jenner

Like Kylie, Jennifer Lopez often resort to lipstick profilers in colors similar to that of her own skin to simulate the appearance of a more voluminous mouth. Always choose one or two darker tones to define the contours well and then fill the interior with a lighter matt finish lip, such as Chanel's Rouge Allure Ink in the lost tone. The contrast between the two tones creates a game of chiaroscuros that builds a more voluminous mouth instantly.

The detail that differentiates Kylie and J.Lo 's technique is that while the first one usually leaves the matt finish of the lip, the singer prefers to complete the "filling effect" with one of the most effective makeup tricks: apply a transparent gloss in both the upper and lower lip center. You can choose a transparent or nude finish, such as Gloss d'Enfer in Guerlain's rose Splatch tone, which enhances the light color of the interior by making the contrast with the profiler even greater.

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Jennifer Lopez also uses Kylie Jenner's great beauty trick.
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