Harvard chooses the 5 best sports to lose weight and live with health

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The new Fitness trends are focused on caring for the environment while practicing sport: disciplines such as plogging or power walking earn more adherents that are looking for a way to protect the planet while they get fit.The crossfit or low impact sessions are another alternative to the last to tone areas of the concrete body such as arms and that have the approval of experts.However, if you are looking for options that, in addition to improving your physical condition, also have proven health benefits, Harvard University specialists reveal which are the 5 activities that achieve it and that recommend regardless of age or levelof previous experience.From swimming to Kegel exercises, discover what are the training that advise from the Harvard Medical School in its specialized magazine.

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1. Swimming

Este deporte es perfecto para reducir el impacto que las disciplinas sobre tierra firme generan en las articulaciones y también para trabajar toda la musculatura corporal de manera global. "Nadar es bueno para individuos con artritis porque se soporta menos peso", apunta el Dr. I-Min Lee, profesor de Medicina en la Harvard Medical School. Además, desde la universidad revelan que existen estudios que han demostrado que esta actividad ayuda a mejorar el estado de ánimo. Al margen de hacer largos en una piscina, otras modalidades como el Aquagym o el Aqua-circuit aumentan la quema de calorías sin reducir los beneficios antes mencionados: "Orientadas a la mejora de la condición física para personas que por el motivo que sea no pueden o no desean realizar actividades que carguen a nivel articular o que requieran de un componente de fuerza resistencia sin incidir tanto en articulaciones y tendones como puede ser en caso de la musculación tradicional o las actividades en sala de clases colectivas", señalan los expertos de los centros Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa.

2. Tai Chi

This millenary martial art with origin in China is the second on the list of sports most recommended by Harvard, a discipline that is also known as "moving meditation."Based on fluid movements of soft transitions between one posture and the following, classes adapt to the level of experience of each person so it becomes an activity suitable for all ages: "It is particularly good for older people because balance isAn important component of fitness and also something that we lose when we age, "says Dr. Lee.

Harvard elige los 5 mejores deportes para perder peso y vivir con salud

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3. Strength training

It is the favorite type of celebrity activity such as Blanca Suárez or Cristina Pedroche and has the one approved with the outstanding of the prestigious University of the Eastern Coast of the United States.Dr. I-min Lee says that lifting weight is the key to thinning: "The more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn, so it will be easier to keep your weight."In addition, some studies relate to this type of training with enjoying a good long -term celebral function.As a advice to put this fitness discipline into practice, the doctor recommends that the load be increased progressively to avoid injuries and always under the supervision of a professional.

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4. Walk

A discipline available to all that has numerous health properties.From Harvard they emphasize that it helps maintain the figure, strengthens bones, balances cholesterol levels and even reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, for example.It even offers benefits at the brain level and university experts mention that numerous studies have demonstrated the power of walks to improve memory.As a final objective, the walks of 30 to 60 minutes daily mark, however, beginners must start with a quarter of a quarter of an hour until they manage to walk faster and for a longer time.

5. Kegel exercises

To finish this list of healthier training, Harvard Medical School specialists highlight the importance of strengthening pelvic floor and not only recommended women, but also men as help to prevent incontinence.To put them into practice you just have to contract the muscles and maintain the contraction for about three seconds and then relax the area.The movement is repeated ten times in four or five daily series.

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Harvard chooses the 5 best sports to lose weight and live with health
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