Gossip Girl's Emily Alyn Reveals How To Get A Perfect (And Long-Lasting) Red Lip

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Emily Alyn, aka Audrey, our favorite character from Gossip Girl 2.0, revealed her 8-step routine to achieve her iconic perfect red lip from the series.Gossip Girl's Emily Alyn reveals how to get the perfect (and long-lasting) red lip Gossip Girl's Emily Alyn reveals how to get the perfect (and long-lasting) red lip

Her look is based on an ultra hot and natural bitten lip effect and we can assure you that it will change the way we normally paint our lips.

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The 8 steps to achieve Emily Alyn's red lip (take note)

In the few episodes that we have of the series, the star of the Gossip Girl reboot has shown us how she took possession of the red lips, and in a video for Vogue magazine, she showed that it takes eight steps to achieve her iconic beauty look.

  1. Lip Glow Oil by Dior

This Lip Glow Oil from the French brand is a must have, because it not only hydrates your lips like no other balm, but also enhances your natural lip color, leaves them glowy and repairs them.

In addition, it has an incredible formula with ingredients such as cherry oil, omega 6 and 9, fatty acids and marine extracts to nourish, hydrate, regenerate the lips, and mainly leave them ultra soft.

Emily uses it after her skincare routine and before starting her makeup routine, so her lips are hydrated and ready for the next steps.

Gossip Girl's Emily Alyn reveals how to achieve a perfect (and long-lasting) red lip

2. Exfoliate

A super important step to make the bold red lip look impressive is to exfoliate. The actress uses her hand towel for this step, in this way she does not leave any skin, (because that can ruin the look), she also likes it because it gives a filler effect.

3. Gucci lipstick

Her lipstick of choice is Rouge à Lèvres Satin Lipstick color 25, Goldie Red or The Gucci Red Satin. The actress loves this lipstick, in the video she explains that the flat part is used for the fullest part of the lips and the tip for the corners. The goal is to fill almost everything, but not to be perfect either.

4. toilet paper to perfect

Another household item Emily uses is toilet paper, which perfects the look. "What you have to do is roll it up, and put a little water on it," says the artist. And then we just pass the corner of the rolled paper around the lips to clean.

5. Touch up the upper lip

The actress seeks to leave the upper lines, or the part of the heart of the upper lip perfect, for this, with the same toilet paper, erase the center of the lip, so that it looks with a very natural color and effect as if bitten.

6. Blur

One of the last and most important steps is to blend the upper part and the actress uses her own finger to make the result effortless.

7.Seal lips with Gucci's Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel Beauty Setting Powder

Emily Alyn's penultimate step is to set her bold red lip with a light setting powder, she uses Gucci's Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel Beauty Setting Powder. With a long, wide brush, grab a little setting powder and brush over her lips.

8. Retouch

The last step of her routine is to grab her favorite red lipstick again, and touch up her lips by painting them in the lighter parts with her fingers, and voila, this makes the beauty look last all night.

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Gossip Girl's Emily Alyn Reveals How To Get A Perfect (And Long-Lasting) Red Lip
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