Five positive properties of moderate beer consumption for our health

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As they point out from the website of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, these beneficial properties of beer may sound very well but should not become an excuse to exceed moderate daily consumption.

"This means that science does not support to drink beer as a means to achieve better health and that you should not start drinking just for such healthy benefits," said American specialists.

From the American institution they review five of the beneficial properties for the agency attributed to moderate beer consumption and some studies that support them:

1.Cardiac health

Although wine seems to have received most of glory in regard to its possible heart benefits, it seems that beer could share these beneficial effects, according to a 2012 study published in the magazine 'European Journal of Epidemiology'.

Italian researchers reviewed 12 studies that separated the consumption of wine and beer and discovered that moderate drinkers from this drink (around 470 ml per day) had 42% less risk of heart disease than non -drinking.

Cinco propiedades positivas del consumo moderado de cerveza para nuestra salud

The protective benefits comparable to the wine could be due to the fact that both contain polyphenols, which have tried to have antioxidant properties that could help the heart, according to researchers.However, no benefits were found in the case of other types of alcoholic beverages such as distillates.

2.Renal health

Beer cane could reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, according to a 2011 winter article by 'Ada Times', the publication of the American Dietary Association.The researchers discovered that beer lowered the risk of renal stones in men compared to other alcoholic beverages, possibly due to its high water content and diuretic effect.The hops components could also slow down the release of calcium from the bones that are involved in the renal stones.

3.Fiber source

Being made of barley, beer contains beta-glucans, a type of soluble fiber that helps reduce cholesterol levels.A third of beer, approximately 330 milliliters, brings 0.75 grams of fiber while the same amount of black beer includes 1.3 grams.However, a very significant contribution cannot be considered since the daily amount of recommended fiber is 25 grams in women and 38 in men.After 50 years, fiber needs decrease to 21 grams in women and 30 grams in men.

4.Provides group B vitamins

A third of beer brings 3 percent of the daily recommendation of vitamin B12, which plays a key role in the brain and in the functioning of the nervous system as well as in blood formation.It is also a folate source, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6.However, alcohol probably cancels any benefit of vitamin B.In fact, a 2011 study at the 'Journal of Abnormal Psychology' discovered that alcohol alters the brain signals responsible for self-control.

5.Strengthens bones

Although high consumption can weaken the bones, a beer or two could make them stronger.Beer is rich in silicon, an element present in few foods and drinks, which has been linked to stronger bones.In a study by the University of Tufts (United States), the men who drank between one and two beers a day had bone density of the hip between 3.5 and 4.5 times greater than the abstemious.

Five positive properties of moderate beer consumption for our health
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