UGT claims more personal for the administrative areas of health centers

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UGT regrets that we have been seeing how primary care suffers a wear that already begins to be alarming in our public health.The denunciation of the union this time is to express the situation of collapse and excess that the administrative areas of the health centers are suffering.

They claim that it seems that no one of the administration realizes that users have more and more difficulty in taking an ordinary appointment with their family doctor, with their nurse or nurse, to speak with any of them, to carry out any administrative procedure, orTo request any type of information.

They criticize from UGT that the care pressure is tremendous and suffer from all professionals who make up a health team, from the definitively exhausted family doctors, say, to the nursing overflowed with the COVID and the administrative areas that with telephone lines with the telephone linessaturated do not supply or collect all calls that enter or manage all the appointments that users require.

UGT reclama más personal para las áreas administrativas de los centros de salud

From UGT they state that this service must be agile and dynamic, which gives rapid response to users who demand an appointment, consultation, information or any other administrative situation and this is only achieved by reinforcing the service, also knowing that it is impossible to access anyHealth team professional without previously passing through the administrative area.

They regret that the lack of investment in primary care by the Junta de Castilla y León "makes its decline evident and we begin to be accustomed to the lack of family doctors, to call twenty times to take an appointment and when we achieve it that weDen for days later, nurses and nurses with exclusive dedication to Covid yabandoning the usual care of chronic and non -chronic patients and all this negatively impacting the health of the Spanish Spanish population. "

Therefore, they require the Junta de Castilla y León to leave privatization and cuts health policies and focus on guaranteeing the best public health care for citizens of Castilla y León.

UGT claims more personal for the administrative areas of health centers
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