Science up to date: Sinovac vs. Omicron, pandemic affects religion and increase in antibodies with fourth dose

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Despite the global impact of the COVID-19 crisis, science does not stop and continues to surprise us with hundreds of investigations.

This week, a Yale University study noted that Sinovac is no match for Omicron, the use of masks makes people more attractive, and COVID-19 does not cause fetal inflammation in pregnant women.

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Sinovac vs. Omicron

An analysis developed by researchers from Yale University in the United States found that both people who were infected with other strains of SARS-CoV-2 or those who had never been infected and were vaccinated with the Chinese pharmaceutical preparation, presented low levels of antibodies against Omicron.

"Booster injections are clearly necessary in this population because we know that even two doses of mRNA vaccines do not offer sufficient protection against infection with Omicron," they detailed.

Ciencia al día: Sinovac vs. Ómicron, pandemia afecta la religión y aumento de anticuerpos con cuarta dosis

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Wearing a mask makes you attractive

A British study ensures that both men and women are considered much more attractive when they know each other and are wearing masks.

They not only protect us from COVID-19; now they give us a charm that attracts other people. This new and peculiar study gives us more reasons to continue taking care of ourselves and wearing masks, especially when cases are on the rise.

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COVID and pregnancy

Researchers from the Wayne State University School of Medicine detail that contracting COVID-19 during pregnancy can cause fetal inflammation.

They analyzed the inflammatory immune response elicited by the virus, both in placental and umbilical cord blood, and in newborns.

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Pandemic affects people's faith

The analysis found that faith in God and trust in a higher power declined throughout the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

"When sacred spaces (i.e. churches) are not easily accessible, people may lose access to the center of their public religious life," the authors noted.

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Fourth dose increases antibody production

The preliminary analysis presented by Israel details that Pfizer's fourth booster dose increases the production of antibodies, however, it does not sufficiently prevent infection by Omicron.

The decision to administer it to vulnerable people would be the right thing to do, since "it may give some benefit, but probably not enough to support the decision to give it to the entire population," they detail.

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 Science up to date: Sinovac vs.  Omicron, pandemic affects religion and increase in antibodies with fourth dose
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