Olive oil in the hair?Julia Roberts tells you how to use it in the form of a mask

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Aceite de oliva
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With the internet, many beauty secrets became accessible and apparently one that has great benefits in the scalp is olive oil.

It has been shown that applying certain natural products in the hair gives professional hall results and olive oil is no exception.We explain what you can do for your hair!

Olive oil benefits in hair

A study conducted in 2015, states that oils can play an important role in hair protection, for example: reduce the amount of water it absorbs, damage to the open tips, have less dandruff, hydrate it and increase its growth.

Eye: Although olive oil can be used in all types of hair, it is recommended to moderate its use in fine hair and only spread the masks on the tips if you have fatty hair to avoid saturating and mistreating the roots.

On the other hand, olive oil will have better effects on thick, dry hair and those damaged by chemical treatments.

How is the olive oil mask?

¿Aceite de oliva en el cabello? Julia Roberts te dice cómo usarlo en forma de mascarilla

There are three ways to perform it, the first is recommended for thin hair and it is a recommendation that Julia Roberts herself uses to always have her long mane bright and strong, according to Vogue Italy.

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Option 1

Like many celebrities, she also has her small natural remedies.She adds a few drops of olive oil in a blawl of warm water, and then apply the mixture and spread it with a gentle massage.

This amount of oil will make the scalp moisturize, but not in excess.Then, you should let act for half an hour, preferably under a bathing cap, before washing it normally.

Option 2

The following method endorsed by Doctorowen Kramer is to use between 2 tablespoons at 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil to cover all the hair, depending on the length.

Next, it is added to a bowl, it is heated and stirred in intervals of 10 seconds maximum 3 times in the microwave, checking that it is not excessively hot to burn the area the scalp, but you have to let it cool.

The mask is put on dry hair in sections.Massage from the root to the tips, but if your hair tends to be fatty, concentrate mainly at the bottom.

After spreading it, it covers the hair for maximum half an hour, rinse, lava and brush as usual to receive all its benefits.

Option 3

If you are looking to combine olive oil with other ingredients, you can do it.Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 honey and an egg to create a homogeneous mixture.Its application is equal to that of the previous recipe!

It is surprising how some products from your kitchen can give a new appearance to the hair with little effort and money!Try it and enjoy the results!

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Olive oil in the hair?Julia Roberts tells you how to use it in the form of a mask
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