Families collect signatures to remove masks in the courtyard of schools

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Families have criticized that there are “five or six years old children, taking almost 10 hours a day”, while not the WHO, nor UNICEF, nor the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) recommends their use in children of children frombetween six and eleven years for "possible damages in health and learning."

"The regulations for this 2021-2022 school year is not consistent," the parents have settled, since "society has not been mask for months."The letter presented for the collection of signatures alleges that children can be mixed at the end of school and play in public spaces without masks, so they do not accept that in schools they have to take it without exception.

Another argument of families is that after a year and a half of pandemic, "it is already known that children transmit less the virus", and the Spanish Pediatrics Association affirms that many of the young people are asymptomatic or pass the coronavirus milder than theflu or bronchiolitis.

In addition, they claim that in communities such as Catalonia have already decided to eliminate the controversial measure.In fact, in European regions such as the United Kingdom, Ireland or Denmark the schools are mascale -free spaces despite having lower percentages of vaccination.

Las familias recogen firmas para quitar las mascarillas en el patio de los colegios

For his part, the president of the Balearic Society of Pediatrics (Sopeba), Juan Carlos de Carlos, points to this newspaper that "there is no evidence that the masks are harmful to themselves."

The pediatrician explains that most learning problems following the pandemic "are given by the semi -resistority, not by the mask", and "although nobody wants to take it, it has been shown that it is effective to stop the infections."

Thus, the doctor believes that a "prudent" and "right" measure has been chosen if it is accompanied by periodic reviews of the epidemiological situation to relax the restrictions in the centers.

In this sense, Education recalled that in January - at the end of the first school quarter - will review with the Department of Health all security measures in schools, including the use of masks in exterior spaces, so allstandards are susceptible to changes depending on the advance of pandemic.In addition, from the Government they have confirmed that they have proof of requests from several educational entities to eliminate the use of the mask in the exterior spaces of the schools, although it is not about the majority associations and unions.

Families collect signatures to remove masks in the courtyard of schools
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