Eye Delineator for Beginners and how to apply it successfully

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Por Hannah Coates y Humaa HussainDelineador de ojos para principiantes y cómo aplicarlo con éxito Delineador de ojos para principiantes y cómo aplicarlo con éxito

Find your eye eyeliner and get in front of the mirror to perfect your technique.

What unites Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Cleopatra and Angelina Jolie?The eye eyeliner, of course.Although makeup trends come and go, the feline touch is a timeless classic that adapts to any aesthetics.From the most glambrous to the most rocker, the best eyeliners can be combined with any style.The trick is to find the right look for your face and the chosen aesthetics, and keep it.

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By Rebeca Domènech

How to successfully apply a liquid eyeliner

Follow the Council of the Beauty Editor of Vogue, Pat McGrath, and first draw the wing.It is easy to place the wing too low or high when you have already drawn a line along the eyelashes, especially considering that the natural curve of the eye is inclined down in the outer corner.Instead, look forward in the mirror, place a small point where you want the line to finish, draw your tab and then outline along the eyelashes.

How to choose an eye eyeliner?

While liquids offer a more precise finish and get that striking wing to the hepburn, gel and kohl eyeliners tend to be more indulgent and can blur and polish to achieve a softer and more diffuse effect.It may seem obvious, but those who want a product only for the water line must opt for a pencil or a gel formula, since liquids are not maintained.

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Delineador de ojos para principiantes y cómo aplicarlo con éxito

One of the most important challenges in front of the mirror: achieve black, symmetrical lines and the same thickness.We talk to experts to be able to achieve it easily.

By Celia Ellenberg

What is the best eyeliner for beginners?

The perfect eye eyeliner will also depend on your familiarity with the product.For beginners and those who are not familiar with their usual application, a liquid eyeliner may seem intimidating, since it requires a firmer hand.In this case, it may be wise.Beginner or not, the trick is going for all: the liquid eyeliner can smell your fear.One of McGrath's main tips, whatever your skill with the delineated, is that you end up cleaning with a cotton rod: even professionals are sometimes wrong.

Is the gel eyeliner better than the pencil?

Not necessarily.It all depends on the effect you want to achieve.Gel eyeliners are a bridge between fluids and pencil, since they transmit much of the impact and precision of fluids, but with the malleability and softness of pencils.They are an excellent option for those who prefer a soft and blurred finish, if it is to create more shocking eye shadow looks (many makeup artists use them as the basis for shadows), or if you like to apply them randomly, polish and blur their lineIn its place.Gel delineated is also a great option if you like the delineated to stay in place once it has set.For its part, the pencil adds intensity to the water line and can offer a more exact effect.

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Eye Delineator for Beginners and how to apply it successfully
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