Do you get pimples with the mask? 8 common mistakes and how to avoid them

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Wearing the mask -well put on- also in the middle of summer is responsible and necessary, but the skin responds with an effect that is not the desired one. She is upset, more sensitive and uncomfortable. Suffocated, you will have noticed. The cocktail of heat, humidity and sweat harms you. These protection elements are in contact with the skin, rub against it, irritate it, hinder perspiration and, when worn for several hours a day, can create a humid and occlusive environment, conducive to the appearance of dehydration and pimples in the area. of the chin and around the mouth. There is already talk of mascné (maskné in the original English), a type of acne that appears or is accentuated by the friction of the tissue with the skin and the lack of oxygenation that it generates.

Within this section of fashion, makeup and care, it was time to remedy the consequences that the daily use of the mask is bringing to our skin. We live our new reality with our mouth and nose protected by a piece of cloth every time we go out. And I think there is no one who hasn't gotten a pimple, a blackhead, a redness or even an allergic reaction due to this much-needed new habit.

¿Te salen granos con la mascarilla? 8 errores comunes y cómo evitarlos

In today's video, I explain the most common mistakes that cause us to get more imperfections and we don't finish having the skin "as before". Of course, by changing certain habits and routines we can achieve healthier, cleaner skin without impurities.

Hit play and find out how! Masks yes...pimples no!


 Do you get pimples with the mask?  8 common mistakes and how to avoid them
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