Heart The complicated state of health of José Ortega Cano: his wife, Ana María Aldón, reveals how he is

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Ana María Aldón clarifies the state of health of José Ortega Cano. gtres


The right-hander has recently gone to a hospital to undergo several very important medical tests.

June 4, 202110:18

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Hours after the interview with Rocío Carrasco (44 years old) in which she announced that in the fall there will be a second part of her docuseries that will be titled In the name of Rocío and that will unravel the reasons why she has no relationship with her maternal family , José Ortega Cano (67) went to the hospital accompanied by his wife, Ana María Aldón (42). Delicate in health since he was infected by Covid at the beginning of the year, the right-hander is not doing well becoming one of the great ones indicated after the testimony of the daughter of Rocío Jurado, who has confessed that the time has come for him to know why you don't want to know anything about your mother's great love.

For this reason, despite the fact that Ortega had confirmed his attendance at the performance of Pitingo (40) in the capital, in the end, he preferred to stay at home and, instead, Ana María Aldón attended the concert accompanied by her sister-in-law Mari Carmen Ortega Cano .

The couple walking through Madrid last April. gtres

The Cadiz woman, worried about her husband, told us that "mentally and physically she is fine" but "they have done a test today. A coronary CT scan with contrasts to see things about her heart because she is not very well, but they still haven't given the results.

Due to her delicate state of health, Ortega Cano has preferred not to see any of the chapters of Rocío Carrasco's docuseries, which Ana María has not missed but on which she prefers not to confess her opinion: "I don't want to share it, I feel like having fun" .

Assuring that "I don't know what I expect" from the second season of the documentary series, Ortega's wife maintains that he is not "nervous" about what she can tell about him and affirms that, despite the fact that the right-hander named José Antonio Rodríguez his spokesman, "he has his voice but he said it a little because he doesn't want them to be asking him every day" about Rocío Carrasco.

Ana María and the right-hander with Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores. gtres

Ana María has also come out in defense of Gloria Camila (25) and José Fernando (28) after the mayor of Chipiona, Luis María Aparcero, assured that what Rocío Jurado loved most "was her daughter, her blood", dropping that the children he adopted with Ortega Cano were not as important as Rocío Carrasco. "Rocío had three children, blood or not. They are three children who, by her wish, are her three children. It is not valid, I am not going to give it importance, what happens transcends, but it will have its reward," he said. .

Ortega Cano leaves the hospital after the last interview with Rocío CarrascoJALEOS

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Heart The complicated state of health of José Ortega Cano: his wife, Ana María Aldón, reveals how he is
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