Better Janssen because that way you don't have to come back

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Happy and calm.Thus almost all of the 260 people who have vaccinated with Janssen in the tent located at the Lozano Blesa Clinical Hospital in Zaragoza have been shown."We are very happy, they have served us very well," said Maricarmen Sancho and Felipe Arellano, a marriage that had an appointment at 10.30 to receive the first vaccine against COVID in monodosis format."You have to get vaccinated yes or yes. Almost better with this, that you don't have to return," they have pointed out.They have trusted that this be "for good" and would not be surprised that every year they have to re -immunize against the Covid: "Instead of the flu, they will have to vaccinate us with this."

His daughter was in charge of the appointment."She called us at eight in the morning and she told us that we had time," she said.So did Luis Fernández and Ofelia Masso, who this Saturday have been immunized: "Our daughter sent us the publication of the press and, although the first day we could not because it was collapsed, on Thursday morning we had time."They chose the most imminent appointment, so it was a posteriori when they discovered that the vaccine they would receive was Janssen;Something that didn't care: "It doesn't matter. You have to put it on. And so it is only a dose."

Although "sometimes" some doubt came after the publications related to the thrombus, they asked their neighbor, nurse, and told them that she would be vaccinated "with anyone."He had no doubt Elisa Navascuez, who left the tent with her arms up, celebrating that in just a day she would be completely immunized: "If she says she is going well, you have to trust."

He has assured that nothing has hurt and has not had any dizziness."It has been so soft that if it were a candy, I took it again," he stressed, while explaining that, after receiving the dose, he has had to wait for a room with others inoculated, in case they were dizzy: "To all, for now, it seems that it has sat us well. "Mariano Vázquez has discovered, already lineing, that he would receive the Janssen formula."I really wanted, I have no problems that it is one or the other."On her part, Emilia Pérez, if she had preferred another, since this "is the one that has less efficiency."However, she has stressed that the important thing is to get vaccinated: "as if Astra Zeneca had touched me."

Like them, during the day on Saturday, a total of 4,100 people between 68 and 79 will receive the Jansen vaccine.It is the first time that the Aragon government enables the health centers for the inoculation of the general population.For this, those of the Bombarda (1,080 doses), Actur West (1,080), Almozara (600), Las Fuentes Norte (1,080) and the tent located at the Lozano Blesa University Clinical Hospital (260 dose).They have two vaccination lines each and participate in this operation 45 nursing professionals from the centers themselves.Everything necessary for the immunization process to take speed thanks to the monodosis formula.

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Better Janssen because that way you don't have to come back
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