Anti-spot and moisturizing creams for less than €30 to achieve perfect skin after the summer

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Summer is practically coming to an end and many of us suddenly find ourselves with skin that is quite punished and full of imperfections due to hours of sun, low hydration, excessive heat and lack of sufficient pampering.

Although the months of good weather, sunbathing and going to the beach and the pool are probably the most appreciated, at the same time they are the most dangerous time of the year for our skin and hair. Whether we like it or not, it is very easy for these to be damaged.

One of the clearest signs that we are not taking care of ourselves and protecting ourselves enough or that we are doing it wrong are the dark spots that appear on our face and chest, especially.

To try to eliminate all those imperfections originated in recent months, prevent our face from aging due to lack of attention and make it look full of life again, from El Comprador de La Vanguardia we tell you which are the best creams that you can use

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Bella Aurora night anti-dark spot cream for dry skin

If we look for a deep action in our anti-dark spot cream that, in addition to lightening the skin of any imperfection reduces the spots caused by age, solar action or pregnancy, we can opt for this one from Bella Aurora, the best seller on Amazon.

Thanks to ingredients such as lactic proteins, Bearberry and Mitracarpa extracts, calcium pantein sulfonate, bismuth salts and stringy Vaseline, we will get it to lighten up progressively and instantly and regenerate our cell tissue.

In addition, it can be used as a night cream and also works as a mask or body lotion for drier parts of the body like elbows and knees. This option will now cost you less than €10 on Amazon.

buy on amazon for €9.50

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Bella Aurora SPF 50+ sun protection cream with anti-stain effect and color

We found another from the same brand product that, in addition to an anti-stain effect, will offer us sunscreen and a touch of color that will come in handy throughout the year to protect and unify skin tone.

We can find the model in a light, medium or dark tone depending on the skin tone we have and it will cost us less than €12.

buy on amazon for €11.90

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Bella Aurora depigmentation treatment in ampoules

Another even more innovative and deep treatment with anti-spot action is this one from Bella Aurora in ampoules format, which is based on a combination of active ingredients with B-CORE 221TM depigmenting technology, an encapsulation and targeted release system.

Anti-dark spot and moisturizing creams under 30 € to achieve perfect skin after the summer

This formula acts directly on the melanin-producing cells. There, it fully releases the encapsulated active ingredient, thus obtaining greater depigmenting efficacy.

All this will be valid for those skins with dark, solar, hormonal or melasma spots, senile lentigines, post-inflammatory marks induced by dermatological treatments, environmental polluting blue light, acne marks and scars. The cream can be ours for less than €30.

buy at mifarmapor €28.76

Bio Facial Serum with anti-stain and anti-aging effect

This Florence brand serum has been the best-selling beauty product on Amazon for months with almost 58,000 reviews and a score average of 4.3 stars out of 5.

This vegan and 100% organic skin ally features a powerful moisturizing formula enriched with vitamins C and E, jojoba oil and aloe vera that penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layers.

In addition to favoring instant hydration and improving the general texture of our skin, it has an anti-aging effect that stimulates the natural production of collagen to fight small spots and other signs of aging such as bags under the eyes and wrinkles .

buy on amazon for €13.95

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EUCERIN anti-stain night cream

The Eucerin night formula is also specially indicated to reduce dark spots and prevent its reappearance, unify the skin tone and give it a much brighter appearance.

The formula is based on thiamidol and dexpanthenol and offers visible results after only 2 weeks of use. Not only will we get rid of those blemishes caused by the sun, heat and age, but we will also be able to lighten our skin.

buy at mifarma for €25.77

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EUCERIN SPF30 anti-stain day cream

Yes, in addition to all the effects and functions of the previous formula, If we want to prevent the appearance of other spots with a sunscreen that we wear on a daily basis, we can opt for the day cream, with SPF 30 protection.

buy at mifarma for €27.87

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Red Velvet Oil Serum

This 100% natural, fast-absorbing night oil combines 15 vegetable oils to nourish and improve facial skin, along with 5 natural active ingredients that treat wrinkles, expression lines, scars, blemishes, redness, inflammation, irritation and eczema on the skin.

In addition to all specific imperfections, this combination of ingredients nourishes the skin and gives it firmness, elasticity, luminosity and great vitality.

The formula includes some ingredients such as flax oil, rosehip oil, virgin chia, virgin marula, black cumin and meadowfoam. On the other hand, it also incorporates Wakame Active and Pure Zingiber, which increase the skin's antioxidant capacity, and Red Velvet Oil Serum. You can now get this 'top' product at Freshly for less than €30.

buy at freshly cosmetics for €26.25

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NIVEA Cellular LUMINOUS 630 anti-stain pack

Another very complete option that comes from Nivea is this Cellular Luminous 630 pack, which includes the anti-stain day formula with SPF 50+ sun protection and the advanced treatment serum.

The first of the two products has a formula based on cell-activating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to keep the skin hydrated, uniform and luminous and to prevent photoaging induced by sunlight.

The second product, the serum, is very light and also contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, which support cells to produce their own natural hyaluronic acid. We can now get the pack for just over €25.

buy on amazon for €26.99

You save 32%

Rilastil D-Clar concentrated depigmenting drops

Another best-selling depigmentation option that we can bet on is this product from Rilastil, a serum with a dropper for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Formulated with exfoliating active ingredients and with Clari-Tech Complex, a depigmenting complex that inhibits the formation of spots, this composition offers an intensive exfoliating, softening and lightening action that accelerates cell turnover. In addition, it counteracts hyperchromia (sun spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation induced by drugs or post-inflammatory, acne, and dull and irregular color. We can buy it for less than €27 now on Amazon.

buy on amazon for €26.98

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Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum with Vitamin C from Freshly Cosmetics

This facial serum reduces, reverses and prevents all signs from aging caused by free radicals and accelerates cell repair thanks to an antioxidant concentrate that is made up of powerful plants and fruits with a high concentration of natural vitamin C.

The Green Vitamin Concentrate Serum reduces cell inflammation triggered by UV radiation and reduces the number and area of ​​blemishes, smoothes the skin thanks to the redensifying effect of black tea and provides the skin with a healthy luminous effect, complete with vegan hyaluronic acid, which also hydrates and firms.

Its formulation based on 99.9% natural ingredients incorporates kakadu plum, astaxanthin, lingonberry, broccoli and ginseng that improve collagen synthesis. You can now get this 'top' product at Freshly for less than €30.

buy at freshly cosmetics for €26.25

* Prices updated as of August 31, 2021

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Anti-spot and moisturizing creams for less than €30 to achieve perfect skin after the summer
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