Alicante the day that the virgin of Benidorm's suffrage resurfaced from the ashes: 50 years of representation

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Benidorm puts aside these days his image of a great tourist city to remember his origins as a fishing village, and especially his patron saint, the virgin of suffrage or 'Mare de Déu del Sofratge', in Valencian.The Benidorm's Major Patron Festivities are celebrated from November 13 to 17, and are considered of autonomic tourist interest.

Almost no benidormense toile would be lost some parties such as the Flower Offering, the parade of humor, the carriage parade and, of course, the staging of the finding of the Virgin.This year also half a century of celebration of the representation.In 2021, the Mare de Déu of the Sofratge has been rescued "without damage to the flames" in the staging of its discovery.

The legend

The historian Pere María Orts I Bosch tells in his book 'An image of the Virgin in Benidorm' the true story of the mare of Sofratge.In March 1740, some residents of the town were surprised to observe a small boat that approached the coast.Inside there was no one, so he began to speculate with the theory that perhaps the travelers had disappeared because they were infected with the plague.Faced with the fear that originated, it was decided to burn the boat without getting anything inside.

Representation of the finding of the virgin of suffrage in Benidorm.Benidorm City Council

Alicante El día que la Virgen del Sufragio de Benidorm resurgió de las cenizas: 50 años de representación

Once the flames went out, some children from Benidorm went to the immediate vicinity where their ashes were trying to find nails and irons to play with.But instead, they found an intact image of the Virgin with the Child Jesus in arms that had traveled in the ship's stern.

The historian explained in his book that all events had actually occurred."There was a drifting ship.There was image of the Virgin in the stern.There were fear of possible infections.There was a nave fire.Fourteen and a half of irons between the ash and sold them in Public Almoneda.The virgin of suffrage began to be born that day, "explains the Orts I Bosch in her work.

Half a century

The La Barqueta Recreational Association has been in charge of the representation, which this year has gathered "several thousand people", on Saturday afternoon at Levante beach, as described by the City Council in a press release.

This Saturday, November 13, the representation of the finding put the starting point to the major parties of Benidorm.Although the discovery of the patron of Benidorm dates from March 1740, its staging has been carried out since 1971.

Flower offering to the patron saint.Benidorm City Council

A curiosity is that the celebration of its parties takes place in November and not in March because in this way the fishermen had returned from their labor obligations at sea, and could celebrate it with the rest of the neighbors.The representation, which started the applause of those present, began the pilgrimage to the Plaza de San Jaime, where the offering of flowers to the patron saint was made.

This act was attended by Mayor Toni Pérez, members of the Municipal Corporation, the president of the Diputación, Carlos Mazón;the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló;the mayor of Manizales, Carlos Mario Marín;National Deputy Agustín Almodóbar and the regional deputy, Manuel Pérez Fenoll, among others.

For his part, the mayor of the city highlighted the importance of celebration of the holidays this year, since accompanying the Virgin represents "an explosion of encouragement in the streets", especially after the non -parties with the pandemic.

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Alicante the day that the virgin of Benidorm's suffrage resurfaced from the ashes: 50 years of representation
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