5 ways to have a prettier look without using makeup

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Summer is not generally a time when we want to make up make up...And this year even less.To the beach, the pool and the heat has been added in 2021 another enemy of makeup, the sanitary mask, which continues to be part of the day to day since 2020.And although there are those who do not want to give up the eyeliner, the illuminator or even the lipstick - of long duration, of course - or in this situation, there are many that would prefer to forget those products for a while, at least until autumn.For all of them, the solution to see a good face, even wearing a mask, could be in eyelashes, the baby botox and other treatments that we have selected as the most effective alternatives to have prettier eyes and a younger and more rested look.

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The big trick of perfect eyebrows

Used by many celebrities, one of the best tricks to have more beautiful eyes is to emphasize the eyebrows with a shape that highlights our features, something that can be achieved with makeup or with one of the fashion treatments: microblanding or mark the eyebrowWith a soft tattoo.Do you want to know if it is for you?As they explain from the Madrid Beauty Center Luxeyelashes (Calle del General Pardiñas 114), with this technique they can be filled and lengthening, tattooing hair to hair, more or less populated eyebrows with very natural results that last between 12 and 18 months.To know how it would be before taking the step, on the first visit a custom eyebrow design is made and marked (with pencil or dye, as you prefer) the shape and thickness that you would get with microblanding.This is one of the most demanded treatments in this center, which supports the good results.Although, yes, if your skin is fat, they will recommend your twin brother: the microshading, which is done with dust instead of needle and ink, and achieves a more durable makeup effect (up to 24 months).Price: 350 euros, microshading;From 450 euros, microblanding.

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Postiza eyelashes or eyelashes?

Another of the most powerful beauty trends in recent years are the false eyelashes, whose flattering effect is more than proven by actresses, models and singers.However, there are still girls who are reluctant to try them because they believe they will damage their own."In order not to spoil the natural tab or slow down its growth, we place the hair hair at 2 millimeters of the follicle, without ever touching it," they explain from Luxeyelashes, where the most requested extensions are known as "Russian 3d Volume"."They consist of placing 3 extensions for each natural hair, opening them by hand to create the fan," they say, although they also add that other styles can be chosen, for example, an eyeliner effect that shakes the look or a personalized design.

Placing eyelashes is a process that lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, a time that is worth it because they will remain for almost a month, although the recommendation is to retouch them every 3 weeks.Prices vary according to the chosen style (60 euros, the simplest, and from 75, the "Russian volume"), although if your eyelashes are long and strong, it is possible that you can opt for a somewhat more affordable treatment: lifting, that curves and lengthens the eyelashes as if you really wear a mask, especially if you finish with dye, highly recommended if your eyelashes are clear.Price: 55 euros, Lifting;From 60, extensions.

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'Baby Botox' for a more torn look

Of course, aesthetic medicine also has (many) options to beautify the eye area, although the botox continues to deviate.Dr. Miguel de la Peña, medical director of Diego de León clinics, told us that the use of the mask has not lost interest in lip or nose interventions, but they have noticed, in recent weeks, a growth of a growth ofthe treatments that rejuvenate their gaze."Most of our patients have opted for the complete botox to soften the wrinkles of the upper third of the face with microinjections of this component-front, quotes and cookies-" says.

If you do not want to launch yourself to the complete pack, raise another alternative: Baby Botox to achieve a cat eyes effect."The Botox Cat Eyes are Botox or Baby Botox microinfiltrations in the eyebrow tail to raise it and open the look," he explains about this procedure that, in their clinics, combine with special tensioning threads to achieve that cat eye effect."They are used from one to two threads on each side of the eye to raise the look and tear it with a more feline appearance.The trend is to project the look at the same direction of the cheekbones, "he reveals.The duration of this duo?Up to 18 months.Price: consult the center.

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No punctures

Inspired just like the previous one in the feline's gaze -which Kendall Jenner and Tiktok have become fashionable under the name of Foxy Eyes-, LPG also presents its alternative to eye makeup: a protocol specially designed for the delicate area of the area of the area of theContour, which, as Laia Puig, responsible for LPG cosmetics, is "five times finer than the rest of the face and is an area where 22 muscles work constantly to flash, gesture, visually focus on, smile...If we add a diet rich in salt and carbohydrates, and a lack of rest (less than 7 hours of the pull) it is normal that we suffer a fall of the eyelids, marked expression lines (rooster legs), bags and dark circles ".Its proposal combines the LPG mechanical technology, which stimulates cell activity to produce collagen, elastin and new hyaluronic acid, with specific cosmetics for the contour: the Total Contour Yeux cream, the Emulsion soin tenseur fermeté and the mask masque masque conour yeux post post-Traitment.

The results - meanings, wrinkles and bags - can be seen from the first session, which offers a flash effect, although as "shock treatment", from the French house they recommend six sessions.With them, they assure, the synthesis of the collagen is improved, 46% the elastin and 80% the hyaluronic acid, which will gain firmness, elasticity, hydration and smoothness, in addition to redensifying the tissue.Price: from 50 euros/session.

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The ritual (at home) of the precious look

Of course, all previous treatments will be much more appreciated with beautiful and careful skin, so that the eye contour is, now more than ever, an essential cosmetic.From the dorsia clinics they advise looking for a product with "vitamin C lighting, caffeine, ginseng or topical stimulating substances" that returns the light to the area.Tomorrow and night should be applied, with massages from the outer side of the eye to the tear to drain retained liquids, and always combine with the best trick of the most beautiful women: sleep well.

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5 ways to have a prettier look without using makeup
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